I noticed something that, unfortunately, has grown in recent years. Society has created a kind of myth, namely that someone must be beautiful to succeed in life. I find it absurd. Not everything in life is about money or fame, or how good-looking you are. There are other important things such as self-esteem, friends, family, education, culture etc. In life you need to know and enjoy the small things, such as a short summer rain or a child’s smile. I always believed that when you forget to appreciate the simple things that come your way everyday, you stop living.

Unfortunately, many things have changed from 5-6 years ago. We no longer appreciate the inner beauty, intelligence, ability to hold a conversation with someone about culture, art or poetry. Yes, I like reading poetry, especially Eminescu, a romanian writer, because with every poetry I read I descover so many beautiful things and characters or beautiful experiences that I can also relate too. Every day I hear young people aged 13-14 who only swear or use inappropriate language for their age. This people probably have not read more than two or three books by this age, if they read those. For them what matters the most are parties, how could they mock their collegues that are not so lucky as they are, or girls who do not look so good. It happens very often, children are taunted at school just because their parents cannot afford to buy them an iPhone or iPad.

People have become very selfish, we do not help each other like we used to do. For many of us it only counts our bank account, what car we drive, the house we have or the clothes we wear. People have become  bad and sad, robots that fight just to survive. Many of us forgot to read a book or to appreciate a good movie or a beautiful paint.

      I know that probably this post is a little mischievous for some of you but It’s only the way I see the society I live in, many of the people I see everyday 😦

I will do everything possible not to be so, to not forget to appreciate the little things that make my life better. I will not stop belive in miracles or that everyone can change, can become better:)


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