29 iulie 2006!:(

Five years! I can’t believe!

I still remember that Sunday morning, when I find out that you are not among us. It was terrible, I thought is a nightmare and I just wanted to woke up. It wasn’t fair for you, who has always been a good boy. But that was to be, God wanted you with him. I miss you and I think of you every day that goes by.

I miss your jokes, your way to be, the phone calls in the midnight, the „arguments” about our football team. I miss knowing that I can call you anytime. But most of all,   I miss the high school years, because then we were together all the time.

You were one of the greatest guys from highschool. Always ready to jump to help anyone or to make a good joke to cheer someone.

I will never forget you, you will always be in my  heart. I will have the memories, the special moments we lived together.

You will always be one of my best friends.

Rest in Peace, my dear friend!


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