My best friend!

Someone once said that „best friends are the ones who, even if they didn’t saw each other for years, when they reconnect, they continue where they left”.

This is how the relationship between me and my best friend is. We know each other for 8 years now, and  with each year passing by, we get closer, and I trust her more. With her I can be myself, she knows all my feelings, my fears, my secrets. I can call her in the middle of the night and know that she is there for me, ready to help me whenever I need a shoulder to cry, a good advice or a „partner in crime”. I talk to her every day, and even if she lives in another country ( she is working there from 2011) we are closer than ever. The miles between us doesn’t stop us to continue with our friendship.

I remember when we first met:)) She was my cousin’s girlfriend and I didn’t liked her at first, and she didn’t liked me either:) But, after a few weeks we knew we will be best friend, even if she is not my cousin’s girlfriend anymore. In 8 years, we didn’t fought at all, and always been there whenever one of us needed a shoulder or someone to talk with.

She is always honest with me, and when I’m about to do a stupid thing, she is there to stop me.

This is how I think a best friend is: never afraid to tell you when you do or say something stupid, always honest, even if the truth hurts you. I do the same thing for her. I trust her with my life and I know she will never disappoint me. And I hope she thinks the same about me:)

I love her and I don’t know what my life would be without her.

I wish you all to find a best friend like her, because she is, for me, the definition of a best friend.


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