What makes me happy?!

Well, this is a question with so many answers:))

I’m happy now, for exemple.  I’m happy because I’m doing what I love, and I’m proud of myself for the courage I had last summer, when I decided to make Journalism. Don’t take this wrong, but I am really happy with that:))

Today I’m happy for so many things. I am happy I’m alive, I am happy for the persons in my life, I am happy because it was a really beautiful day.

A song, a picture, a quote, this are things that make me happy. I am really happy when a couple from some TV show end up together, even if it’s only a movie. I am happy because my cat was at the door when I entered in my house. I am happy for the colored lights on the street and the Christmas trees in the stores.  I am happy because I’m going home this weekend.

I AM HAPPY……end of story!

I told you there are so many answers:))


I almost forgot.

Please take a minute and sign this petition to help the  haemophilia patients. They really need our help!

And don’t forget…. #romaniansaresmart



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