A new Year!!!

 2012 wasn’t an excellent year for me, excepting that I was accepted at Journalism. The beginning of the year was boring and it wasn’t how I expected. But it doesn’t make sense to talk about it. 

This year it will be different. I promise myself that. I will be more ambitious and I will do my best to succeed in everything I will do. It’s a bet I have with myself. I will try to be part of many things. I did a list with everything I want to do this year, but I will put here just some of my wishes:)

– Get involved in more voluntary acts

– Help my mother more

– Go out more to the theater, cinema, museums etc

– Ignore all the people who criticize me

– Show the people who didn’t belive in me that I can do much more than I did until now

– Learn spanish better

– Visit at least 2 contries

– Get a job in Journalism or at least in a area that I love

– Change my fashion style, wear heels more often:D

– Learn at least 10 new things

This aren’t the most important wishes for 2013. But, in order to do them, I have to keep them secret:))

We will see at the end of 2013 how many of them have came true:))



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