i_want_a_love_that-99964I need to do something with my life and I need to change my priorities. Drastic decision, right? Well, this is something that just came in my head, like 10 minutes ago, watching a TV show. Yeah, a TV show can do that to me. I’m a strange girl somethimes:))

I’ve always been the type of girl that does normal things, nothing extravagant or unusual. I did my best to be seen like a regular girl, not to draw attention to myself. In highschool I wasn’t the popular type, like those mean girls you see in movies. I was popular, but in my way, because I was the kind of girl who would help everyone, who get along with everyone.

Now, at this age I realize something was missing in my life. I was a good girl, I always did the right thing, but now I just realize that this was partially wrong.

You know what they say: „Good girls love bad boys”. This is sooo true:)) I always loved this type of boys. But I  focused on my career and I missed all the things I really wanted. Probably because I was listening to my parents and let them direct my life.

Yeah, even if you think this is not the type of thinking a girl my age can have, I do have it and I can’t change it. And even if you criticize me, I don’t care. I am who I am and I will never change for anyone.

I want a love that consumes me and make me feel things I never felt before, I need a love that takes me to the limit and make me live an intense life.

Now, I feel I let life pass by me. I want to be important for someone, to know that that someone can’t live without me. It’s that to much to ask?!:)


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