Generosity Day!

Hi guys! I just found out about this beautiful initiative and I think we all should follow it:)

It’s a great opportunity to do something nice to people around us. There are so many people we can help, even with a good advice. Or we could do something for our environment, or for some animals shelters.

I will definitely be part of this initiative and I will try to make this day a beautiful one from someone:)

I hope you’ll do the same!

Below you can find some informations about the initiative.

„Help us to reboot Valentine’s Day as Generosity Day.

This site is to bring together a team of volunteers to help Sasha, Maria and the other originators of the idea to help inject the goodness of „Generosity Day” into the minds of millions!

We’re dreaming big! We’d like to reach over Five Million people. And we hope that one in five, or one million people, will offer the world an act of generosity on February 14th.

Each act is a tiny opening of our hearts to people we dont know – and that’s a beautiful thing.

So let’s make it happen!

We need you!

After you learn more about the history of Generosity Day and How we plan to reach 5 million people, we need your help to make it happen!

We’re looking for:

People to help evangelize and spread the word!

We need hundreds of bloggers and hundreds of organisations who will help spread the word about Generosity Day. And each of us has hundreds of friends in our network that we can share this with.  We’re also looking for Local Media Ambassadors in cities across the US and around the world.

People to help manage the project!

We’re looking for people to help develop and manage the social media, local media, national media, and organization components of the project.

People to help create the content!

We want to create a website and a series of images/videos/animations that will make the rebooting of Valentine’s day funny, memorable and something people will act on. We need creative help to make this happen!

And everyone can help design the whole campaign!

We’re looking for suggestions for the campaign as a whole, and we’re sure this community will have some great ideas!

Join us!”



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