Bullying is not a joke!

      Everyday I hear about kids beaten and bullied at school, kids who commit suicide because they colleagues bullied them. This is wrong, nowadays teenagers are scared to go to school because they are afraid about what might happen. I can’t even imagine what it feels like to live with this fear, to be constantly afraid of people your own age, who feel powerful if they hurt you, if they offend you. Sometimes words are more paintful than physical pain. I was lucky because when I was in high school things like this didn’t happen. And even if here things are not so serious like in United States, in the last years I saw many cases of bullying in our high schools. I don’t get you guys! Why do you feel the need to hurt the persons who are not so lucky, pretty or rich as you are? The kids who can’t afford to own a car or designers clothes, or any other expensive stuff? Why, if a kid is smart and study hard to have a future automatically become your bullying object? It’s sad and tragic that our younger generation has this kind of behaviour. Our teenagers are angry and depressed. And we wonder why are so many cases of children who buys guns and attack their colleagues and teachers. High school is so agressive and hard and paintful and it’s wrong. High school it supposed to be the best part of your life, the part when you find your best friend, make friends for life, live life at its fullest, be happy and positive, make memorable memories. What happened?! What changed you…us?!

Next time you want to bully someone take a moment and put yourself in their place, think how you’d feel if someone would do that to you.

I recommend you to watch „One Tree Hill”- Season 3 Episode 16. It’s a great exemple of what bullying can do to innocent people 😦 Here is a small part of that!


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