I know You are there….

            I feel You in every breath I take, in every smile, in every tear. I see You whenever I look at someone or talk to someone…I see You in every raindrop, in every snowflake, in every sunshine. I hear You when a bird is singing or when the wind is blowing, I can see You smiling when a child is smiling. Sometimes I say terrible things to You or my thoughts are not that innocent. I sometimes blame You for some things and cry and yell at You. And I’m so sorry for doing that but You already know who I am and I know You can forgive me for all those things. And even if sometimes I blame You for small things that hurt me, I know You are there for me and You won’t give me anything I can’t handle. So, for that, I thank You from the bottom of my heart….And remember, I know You are there….


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