When you lose someone….

It’s hard when you lose someone you love, when you realise you will never see them again, you will never talk to them, laugh, spend time, be around them, see their smile and hear their voice…But the hardest part is that you know you will never have the chance to tell them how much you love them, how important they are for you…..We always take things and people for granted, never really appreciate their presence….

I lost some people in my life, people that I really loved and I miss them so much, everyday, and I regret that I never told them how much I love them and that my life was beautiful because of them…

Now it’s too late, so maybe you have the chance to tell the ones you love everything you feel about them…don’t waste this chance…….. there is a chance that tomorrow you won’t have it again……..have you told them?……Good….


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