I would leave…

I would leave. Anywhere, anytime, without looking back. As long as I could go as far as possible, I would do it. This country, the things that happen around me are so depressing. Everything is gray, people I trusted let me down, there is no respect, nothing there. I gave so many second chances, I forgave too quickly, I put others’s dreams before mine. So many years wasted, so many things I could have done. But, even if I know that’s wrong I keep doing it. I keep let others control my life. I keep let myself be manipulated by them….Yeah, I would go in a blink of an eye, because then there would be no one to manage my life. But, not all the dreams are meant to come true. There are people who are not so fortunate to have money and power and luck to do whatever they want. We are stuck here, living an ordinary life…




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