At the end, you are alone…

There are moments in life when you realise you are alone. It doesn’t matter that your family is always beside you, how many friends you have, or that your social life is amazing…when it comes to decide your next step, you’re alone. When it comes to take decisions about your life, no one will take them for you. Yeah, you think about what others think or how your decisions will affect them, but it’s only you who will take the final decision. Everything that happens in our lifes, everything we do or fail to do, it’s our fault. We are responsible. Yeah, you could blame the society or bad luck, but you can’t stop from asking yourself if you could have done something to change that. 

We all make mistakes, we all make the wrong choices, but we have to learn something from them. Regrets? Everyone has at least one….But that’s not a bad thing. We just have to learn now to live with them and learn that life has her ups and downs, and everything we do define us.

Be in charge! Stop complaining and do something. Make mistakes. Take risks. React. Fight. Be free. Live. 


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