The Fault In Our Stars – the story that broke my heart…but taught me so much

We are so ungrateful for our lives, for being healty, alive….We never appreciate life as we should…We complain about everything. About not having enough money, not having a perfect life, not having things like cars, or a big house, or a great phone. We want more, we want success, a lot of money and power, and often we forget to just live and appreciate the simple things life offers to us.  I’ve just watched „The Fault in Our Stars” and I’m so ashamed of myself right now. This movie, this story taught me so much. Just like one of the main characters from the book/movie, I’m afraid of the oblivion. I’m afraid that this is my life, and this is everything I get, that this is as far as I go. I have so many regrets, for not being brave enough to do what I want, to say „No” to the ones who told me what to do… I blame others for everything bad that’s happening in my life, for all the chances I’ve lost. And now I realize it is all my fault. I am the one to blame. Not others. Just me…

I recommend you to watch this movie. You will learn so many things. You will lern how important it is that you are alive, you are healthy, you can work and live life so simple, without a disease that keeps you from doing what you love…Yes, a movie taught me so much. After 2 hours I’ve learned so much….And now excuse me, I have to listen to all the songs from the movie, because they are perfect….Watch the movie, and then tell me what you think. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

PS: Prepare a box of tissues, lots of tissues 🙂


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