New York, New York

When I was a little girl my biggest dream was to visit New York. I used to watch movies about NY, hoping that one day I will be there. Before last summer I was a girl who thought nothing good can happen to her. A small town girl can’t dream big, nothing big will ever happen in her life. I was so wrong. Last summer I’ve learned that in order to achieve your dreams, having that kind of thinking won’t help you with nothing. You have to fight for what you want. Belive you can, be confident, never give up. And that it’s what I did. And after more than 20 years, my biggest dream came true on October, 10th 2015. My dream of visiting New York became a reality. And what a beautiful, crazy reality. I spent 4 days in NY but those 4 days were the happiest days I ever had. If before going there I just liked NY, now I am unconditionaly and irrevocably in love with it. Belive every good thing you hear about NY. Everything is true. You feel like you are living a fairytale, like you are in the perfect dream you ever had. This year was the best year of my life. I graduated the college I wanted, I lived 4 months in US, I fell in love, I met amazing people, saw beautiful places. But the best thing of all these was NY. Walking on Broadway or 5th avenue, watching new yorkers just being new yorkers, LAPD (yup, they are part of this too), going for a walk in Central Park. Central Park, people. Ohhh, this year, life was so good to me. But I want more. I can’t stop here. I have a lot of plans and dreams and nothing can stop me now.

At the end of my post all I can say is that I am so grateful. I am grateful for every moment of happiness, sadness, desperation, dissapointment. Because what I lived this year erase all of them. So what, I have met some ugly people, I cried a lot, I doubted myself. But all these are not important anymore. This summer changed my life, it changed me. All I can do from now on is to fight for what I want and what I belive in. 😊




No one should die on a dance floor

I am sad. And furious. Yes, these two words describe how I feel since Friday night. That deadly night. Romania is mourning right now, and even if our government declared a three-day period of national mourning, our mourning will last longer.. We are in shock. I am in shock! I can’t even describe how much we suffer right now. We had a wake-up call. Another one. Because in the last couple of years we had so many. But even so, we are still led by the same corrupted politicians. Well, Friday night, corruption killed 30 young people and left more than 160 seriously injured. Yes, corruption. Because our authorities deliberately granted clearences to a club that didn’t even have one fire extinguisher.One! When will we be able to prevent these kind of tragic events, not fix them? You have no excuses. None, whatsoever. This time we won’t be just simple witnesses. We are furious. We are unstoppable.

These days I saw a quote that broke my heart. „No one should die on a dance floor.” But they did. They just wanted to listen to their favorite band. Students, journalists, photographers, arhitects, music lovers. Many said they deserved this because they were celebrating Halloween. First of all, it was a heavy metal concert. Second of all, how could you say something like that? What kind of sick person thinks something like this? I belive in God with all my heart, but hearing people and priests say something like this is making me sick. Disgusted. I am ashamed by some of my fellow citizen. I am ashamed to live in a country where this kind of things happen, with people who think like this. I know, you will say it’s not the only one, things like this happen in other countries too. I don’t care. This is my country and I am affected by what happens here, firstly. I am tired of this. And I am not the only one. We are many. We are #colectiv. I am #colectiv

I wish I could do more for the victims and their families. I feel just a small piece of their pain, a piece that shatter my soul,  I can’t even think about theirs.

Farewell, music lovers!

May God rest you in peace. We promise your death won’t be in vain.