I’m reading a book outside, on the balcony of my house. I have my Vanilla Coke next to me so I don’t need anything else. Around me it’s crazy: someone is cutting their lawn, my neighbors are listening to music- that kind of music romanian listen at their weedings, my mom is on the phone with one of her friends, Pisoi is playing with a lizard. I mean, there is a lot of activity around me. I take a brake from reading and I just listen. Observe. Focuse. I swear this moment is perfect! It takes me back to my childhood, those summer days when my only concern was what game should we play when me and my friends will meet. When my dad just came home from work and gave us money to buy Coke or ice cream, or whatever we wanted that day. Of course, mom wasn’t supposed to know because too many sweets or too much Coke is not good for us. But dad didn’t care. If I look in front of me I can see our dollhouse, or on the right there is the swing we broke so many times; over there I can see the skates or the bike I was always afraid to ride. It’s like I’m watching a movie with all my childhood memories.

Anyway, I think it will rain. I can hear the thunders and see the lightning. At this point I don’t even care, and that’s something.

Nothing compares to this. This feeling, this house, this small village, my home. Wherever I go, there’s no place that can make me feel like this. But, sadly, this is not enough for me. It’s special and priceless, but not enough. So I try to keep this moment as long as possible.

But eventually I know I gotta go….

It’s raining. I told you it will rain…