„Summer Mornings”

Nothing makes me happier than summer. I love summer. The most vivid memory I have from my childhood are summer mornings. Back in my hometown, my room is on the east part of the house and my bed is near the window. So the sun hits me in my face when it rise. And when I was in school, my favorite part of the year was the summer vacation. 

So why summer mornings? Well…. Every morning when I was in my vacation, when the sun came through my window I would wake up at 6-7 am. But then I would realize it’s vacation and I can go to sleep and it was the best feeling in the world. Those seconds until I would fall back to sleep were so quiet and peaceful. Beautiful. I felt protected, cozy in my own bed. 

So that’s the reason why I called my blog „Summer mornings”: because they are my favorite moments. They take me back to when I was just a little girl and everything felt safe. 


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