New York state of mind

I don’t remember when was the first time I heard about New York but I know I’ve always wanted to visit it. I remember watching movies and reading about it and just wishing I could see it one day. Just one time. I knew it’s the type of city I could live in. After all, it is the most famous city in the world. I’ve heard so many stories but, believe me, nothing compares with the feeling you have when you are there. When you live your own story. It’s another world. Starting with the skyscrapers and famous yellow cabs, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge and continuing with all the museums, little streets and all the small things that make New York unbelievably amazing.

I’ve been there two times in the last two years but I could never get bored or tired of it. I just love to walk on the streets and just feel the anonymity of being in a big city surrounded by hundreds of people coming from all over the world and who are going in hundred of different directions. There is something strange about these streets. They scare me. But they also make me belive I can do anything I want. They give me strenght and confidence, and a little bit of crazy courage to dream more than I’m used to. They make me feel alive. And free.

You have to discover New York by going to places which normally wouldn’t be on your travel list. One of these places is High Line Public Park, built on a historic freight rail line. Go to Brooklyn and visit the streets. You will find amazing houses and little restaurants where you can try very good food. Go to Central Park, you won’t be disappointed. The only way you will discover New York it’s by walking on the streets. Use the subway to go to different parts of it, but once you get there just walk. Walk all day.

I love New York so much. My dream is to live there. Perhaps one day…